Our Human Spirit: The Seven Portions Our Identity in Christ

Learning by Spirit, not just by our soul

The Beauty of Seven

We have been learning about our God-created human spirits (I Cor 2:11; Rom 8:16). They have portions corresponding to the seven Redemptive Gifts in Romans 12 (Prophet, Servant, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Ruler, Mercy). Bible believers have only begun to learn about how God made us, pioneered by Bill Gothard and Arthur Burk. Both the Scripture and our Christian experience are our research tools.

It is easy to try and learn more by using our traditional strengths: the rational and intuitive abilities of our mind/soul. We take as many data as are available to us, then arrange them in ways that “make sense” to our rational categories. This method may not be the best way to explore the dimensions of spirit God has built into His children (Heb 12:9).

In the last year I decided to go beyond what Arthur Burk had learned and ask my own spirit for information, often in the presence of the Lord Jesus Himself. The answers to my questions were usually surprising, going beyond anything I would have come up with myself (my soul). Listening to the spirit is subtle, requiring me to be quiet and recognize words or images that did not impose themselves on me strongly, just very quickly and simply. If the answers were images, they had to be put into spiritual words gently (John 6:63; I Cor 2:13).

Sometimes I have received impressions from all seven of my portions. Other times only some portions gave clear information.

This blog post serves as a beginning of a series on what I have learned through my spirit about Pastoring, Offenses, Relating to the Father and other themes of interest to my spirit. Not all topics are built into our spirits. We mostly pay attention to areas that arouse our souls/feelings: fear and anxiety, childrearing, security, money, sex, music. Our spirits relate primarily to God, Who is a Spirit. He is more interested in Truth, Faithfulness and Betrayal, Peace and Reconciliation, Love and Bonding, etc.

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