Healing Prayer

Theo-acoustic Counseling

Entering into dialogue with God

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice.” In our experience we can ask Jesus, our Pastor/Shepherd, a question and receive an answer in our spirit. One word from the Lord cuts through our questions and fears, our doubts and needs, bringing resolution and clarity.

We know that many in the Old Testament talked to God and He answered them: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, Balaam, David, and so on. In the New Testament we see Cornelius, Ananias, Saul/Paul listening and hearing God speak to them. We can do the same thing, presenting the Lord with our issue and asking Him a question. If we are ready to hear the impression in our spirit and obey what He says, we can begin a divine dialogue.

I worship You, Lord

Listen to the Lord and He will bring truth into your confusion

First we address our God-given human spirit and bless our ability to hear and synchronize with the Lord.

Then we ask, “Lord, what do you want us to know?”

The answer is usually brief and comes as an impression, a word, a picture in our human spirit.

When we speak out this answer, it builds faith, realizing the Lord is present and that He cares. Often His word is a surprise, because He knows the root of the present situation better than we do.

Theoacoustic = Listening to God

This is a combination of prayer, counseling and discipleship. Being a disciple means hearing and obeying all that the Lord has commanded, even the things He brings to mind today, not just the things we had in mind. Our soul has many questions and often will tear apart the simplicity of the Lord’s word spoken in our spirit. Childlike faith and simplicity will get us much farther in our relationship to the Lord, our Pastor, than all our attempts to figure Him out. Faith comes by hearing. Obeying leads to more hearing.

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