Our Human Spirit: The Seven Portions Our Identity in Christ

Abandonment and Rejection as told by my spirit

Being isolated through rejection and abandonment is an excruciating feeling. My seven spirit portions gave me their expressions of how this feels to them. Our spirits are very sensitive to the spiritual atmosphere and to the spiritual factors behind human beings. We sense more than we realize about what is going on and why. Our soul gives such strong signals that we do not realize how deeply our spirits are being affected.

My spirit prophet said

“I am cut off by a knife. I am alone and frightened in dark, narrow place.”

My spirit servant said

“I wanted someone to come, to understand, to help, to offer a hand, really meaning it. I long for a hug, a home, for warmth. It may be small, but I feel secure there.”

My spirit teacher said

“Why? Am I bad? Are those people as bad as I feel? Am I as bad as they say? Pleasure seeking got them and me into trouble, but pleasure is all there is to guide me. How can I feel good? How can I stop feeling bad?”

My spirit exhorter said

“I’m starving, bingeing on crowds and intravenous sex. I’m going blind on alcohol, traveling to nothingness on drugs, conforming to the cruelty of friends.”

My spirit giver said

“Don’t you see me? Don’t you see my love? I give you my time, my possessions, my words, my promises. Are they nothing?”

My spirit ruler said

“You’ve been killing me; can I kill you? I’m dying inside: why am I still here? If I’m as bad as they imply, then is the world is better off without me? Hey, you have friends: can I take yours?”

My spirit mercy said

“Can I hope? What is normal? I’m constantly adjusting, trying to care, to feel.”

My summary of what I learned about my spirit

What I learned from my spirit was that I feel deeply. I know what is going on around me, whether my thoughts allow me to know or not. My spirit also sees deeper issues that I have to deal with but may not want to acknowledge. After all I think I’m a “good person,” so how could I have all these urges. Well, the truth is that inside I feel all these things whether I want to or not.

My spirit is very quick, very aware and quite comprehensive in perception. Your spirit is too.

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