Our Human Spirit: The Seven Portions Our Identity in Christ

Plant A Seed

First: Create life

Round and round the supply of flow and solid,

the rise and down of strength and rest.

Desire and achieve;

more but shapely.

A farmer’s dilemma:

He holds the precious seeds in his two cupped hands,

Eat and be satisfied today, or

Plant and prosper tomorrow.

In faith he gives up the little treasure he has known

Entrusting this world of life into the covering dirt

Exposed to sun, cloud and hungry competitor.

O Creator, bless and grow a fresh harvest of family and festival:

Come sun! Come rain! Come sprout and flower! Come ripe juice encapsulated!

Parental joy: Out of two comes the New One.

A generous hug for the seed of the past

Grows an unknown future.

Father’s hardness, mother’s softness

Child’s tenderness

Cute becomes tumbling explorer, messy learner, the new family stretching

to learn how to become.

Eternal Father’s faith: His seed grows into glorious lovers.

Spirit that shook formless earth

now shakes human spirit into new form.

Jesus who shaped dirt into earth-man

now touches sinner soul, cleansing sin.

Father adores this eternal Son

so He now touches human spirits to receive eternal seed.

Children hearing and receiving, obeying and cleansing, learning and ruling.

This is Family on the Throne.

Hear your Creator!

Spirit, you are light from beyond the future.
Heart, you know you are great, but only in God’s beautiful plan.
Pain, you were taken into Jesus’ deep death and victorious joy.
Doubt, you have a new word: Hope in God, your past is not the end.

Receive in faith God’s future planted into your earthly life:

Jesus takes the sinful blockage and grows true, solid love.
Holy Spirit washes off lust and grows peace.
Father swallows death to release His joy in eternal life.

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I wish I could write like this! I especially was touched by the one on the farmer…but honestly, I was encouraged by them all.

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