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God’s Mother Love as told by my spirit

Mother and Daughter sharing time and talk

We do not think about God expressing “mother love.” After all He did create mothers and mother love, so He wanted to express all that is in His heart.┬áIn I Thessalonians 2:7 we see three men expressing father love, brother love and mother love. What does mother love look like to my spirit?

My spirit prophet said

“Now is the time: here is the love. No comfort on Earth is as good as heavenly comfort. Even Jesus needed angels to encourage and strengthen him.”

My spirit servant said

“I want you to know how I feel. I want to know what you need. My joy is in connecting with you at the point of need. I am compassionate. Come and keep coming; ask and keep asking; seek and keep seeking. Father knows how to give good gifts to them who ask.”

My spirit teacher said

“Do not be like an ass: I want to lead you gently, subtly. Open your heart to learn from my discipline. I teach life-giving lessons; I don’t beat on you to destroy you. Take my partnership because my workload is fulfilling and the weight strengthens you for success.”

My spirit exhorter said

“You are precious to me, open up to my love. Move toward me as I move toward you.”

My spirit giver said

“I connect you to heavenly resources. They are safe, godly, nurturing. I help you find your identity, your destiny, your path and development. My love will release your god-given spiritual DNA to express all I have built into you.”

My spirit ruler said

“Lay down your weapons; take down your walls. Release your anger, let go your bitterness and resentment. I love who you are created to be. I know how you will become the one I know already. I am gentle with struggling, growing children.”

My spirit mercy said

“Let us touch. Let us sing. We will play, we will dance. Let us eat, enjoy and celebrate. Your time and my time are where we share together.”

My summary of what my spirit is teaching me

My spirit is so frank and open and simple, yet touching deep feelings and desires God has placed inside us. I see Heavenly Father wants to satisfy every desire He has created in us. That is very inviting. He is not just holy and unapproachable in infinite light: He is also our Father, our Abba “Daddy.” He is tender as well as strict. I respect Him and He warms my heart to love Him back.

I hope you open yourself to His love as I am learning to open myself. Your spirit longs for this love too.

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