Healing Prayer

School of Healing Prayer: Jesus’ Healing and Atonement

Matthew views Jesus’ healing ministry as part of the Atonement described in Isaiah 53. Jesus exercised authority over diseases and demons, and he delegated his authority to his disciples. We are learning from his work how to do the same things today in Louisville, Kentucky.

Life Connections International is proud to sponsor the first night of our School of Healing Prayer.  It will take place in Louisville, KY, on January 9, 2010, covering materials developed by our Mighty in Spirit ministry.


Genesis 3:2-3 Adam and Eve fall under the “Law of Sin and Death” (If you sin, you will die. Sickness is a symptom of eventual death.)

Romans 8: 1-4 Believers are no longer under the Law of Sin and Death
Believers are under the “Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus”
PART A: The Spirit of God in the life of Christ Jesus and in believers today
II Corinthians 4:16-18 The body continues to die, the spirit in us remains alive (Our God-given human spirit is daily energized by the Holy Spirit.)
We base our ministry on “seeing the unseen”  (We look at people and situations with “eyes of faith,” seeing potential good things God may want to do.)

PART B: The Spirit of Life operating in Christ Jesus while here on Earth

Matthew 8: 14-16

  • Jesus touches Peter’s mother-in-law, healing her of fever
  • He drives out demons with a word
  • He heals all the sick
  • Matthew quotes these acts as “fulfillment” of Isaiah 53:4 [-6]  (This passage is integral to the doctrine of Atonement and shows that physical healing is included.)
Matt. 10:1 ( || Mark 6:7, 12-13)  Jesus sends out the 12 with authority
  • Jesus has authority from God
  • Jesus will bring atonement from Adam and Eve’s sin and ours
  • Jesus delegates his authority to his disciples
Methods of healing
  1. A word
  2. A touch
  3. Anoint with oil (also James 5:13-16)
  4. Forgive sins (Mark 2:10-11, James 5)
  5. Cast out demons
  6. Faith (Mark 5:34)
  7. [Fasting and] Prayer (Mark 9:29)
  8. [Curse to the root (Mark 11:14, 20-21)]  Joan Hunter’s method

We use video teaching from Charles and Frances Hunter and from Joan Hunter

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